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Customized IT Services For Your Business

Every business is unique which is why Piccone IT provides customized solutions based on each client’s needs and goals. 

Computer Repair / IT Services

Managed IT Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

Network Design/Install

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Managed IT Services 

24×7×365 Network and System Monitoring with Proactive Maintenance

System Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring of your network and systems to ensure all devices are operating properly and to address issues before they cause downtime and lost revenue.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance means your systems will always be up to date with the latest operating system and third party software updates. We’ll also make sure you receive all of the latest security patches so your systems are protected.

Help Desk Support

Our team of expert technicians will resolve all of your IT issues quickly and correctly.  Service plans include unlimited remote and onstie support.

Cyber Security Solutions

Our multi-layered approach to security helps to ensure your systems and data are protected from ransomware, hackers, viruses, malware, and careless employees.

Next Generation Firewalls

The first layer of protection is implemented on your network.  Our next generation firewalls provide your infrastructure with an Intrusion Prevention System, malware and virus scanning, content control, firewall, and more all on your network before anything even gets to your computers and servers. 

Enterprise Antivirus

We provide our clients with enterprise grade antivirus solutions on all their endpoints to ensure every device is protected from viruses, malware. ransomware, and unsafe public networks. 

System Updates and Security Patching

The third level of security is our proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining your systems.  We monitro your systems 24x7x365 to ensure they are operating properly and we install needed security patches and updates to ensure the software on your devices is up to date and secure.

Data Backup and Business Continuity Solutions

Implementing an enterprise data backup or continuity solution not only helps keep your business running in the event of a hardware failure but also provides the best way to recover from a ransomware attack.   The only way to guarantee you will get your data back should it get encrypted by a ransomware attack is to ensure you have adequate data backups and test those backups so you know they are working properly and you can recover your data. 

User Training

The final layer of security is training users how to identify and respond to potential threats.  No matter how many systems we put in place to protect your infrastructure, end users will always be the weakest leak and could easily cause a security breach unless they are educated on how to identify threats and mitigate risk.  We can provide ongoing training for users to ensure they become another asset in the protection of your systems and data and not another liability.  

Computer Repair / IT Services 

Virus and malware removal, hardware repair, IT support, VOIP phone systems, IT Project Work, and more. Whatever your IT needs, we can help. 

Hardware Repair/Upgrades

We can repair and upgrade desktop and laptop computers.  We work with all makes and models.

VOIP PBX Business Phone Systems

Implementing a VOIP PBX gives your business an amazing phone system full of features to help you increase productivity and availability. Here are some of the great features you’ll get:

  • Unified Communication
  • Automated Attendant
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world
  • Setup local phone numbers regardless of your office location
  • Voicemails sent to your email
  • Receive faxes to your email
  • Supports telecommuting
  • Reduced calling rates
IT Projects

We can take care of any IT Project you have and we’ll complete it on time and within budget. Here are some of the types of projects we have completed:

  • Web Design
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer/Server Upgrades
  • Business Email Setup
  • Structured Cabling/Network Wiring
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Cybersecurity Solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

We protect your data and implement solutions to keep your business running through any situation. 

Backup & Recovery

We make sure you have a good automated backup system in place to provide recovery from data loss, data infection, and accidental user deletions. Our backup solutions include secure onsite and offsite backups to ensure you always have access to your data.

Business Continuity

Can your business keep running no matter what? Having a continuity plan in place will ensure you can operate if your office is unavailable. If your servers crash or even if there is just a snow storm preventing employees from reaching the office, Piccone IT can implement the technology to keep your business running. We have solutions to ensure you have access to your data 24x7x365.  Should a disaster strike, we can have your backup and running in minutes, not days. 

Ransomeware Protection

Did you know that the best way to recover from a ransomware attack is by restoring your data from good backup?  Ransomware encrypts all of your data making it unusable unless you pay the attacker a hefty price to unlock it…the problem is there is no guarantee that once you pay the attacker you will get your data back.  With a good backup system in place you will never have to worry about losing your data. 

Network Infrastructure Design and Installation

Having the right infrastructure for your business ensure you have the right foundation laid for implementing technology that will enhance your opertaions and facilitate growth.

Structured Cabling

We design and install network infrastructures for your business.  Whether you are moving to a new office and making changes to your current office, we can install the necessary cabling to support your data network and phones. 

Enterprise Network Gear

Your network is your foundation.  Using enterprise grade network equipment gives you years of reliable operation as well as features to manage the data on your network. We implement equipment to meet your current needs as well as future growth that provides secured wired and wireless access to systems. 

Next Generation Firewalls

Your firewall is your first line of defense in protecting your systems and data.  The firewall is installed directly behind your internet providers modem so all traffic coming in and out of your network flows through the device.  Our next generation firewalls provide your infrastructure with an Intrusion Prevention System, malware and virus scanning, content control, firewall, and more all on your network before anything even gets to your computers and servers. 

Cloud Services 

Utilizing cloud soltuions can help reduce costs and increase productivity and availablity. 

Office 365 Implementation and Administration

Access to email through online Exchange as well as web and desktop versions of all the Microsoft Office applications.  Collaborate with your office using Microsoft Teams and take advantaage of the robust document management features of SharePoint and OneDrive.  

Cloud Servers/Applications

Eliminate the cost of server hardware by moving to the cloud.  See how you can take advantage of cloud solutions to boost productivity and reduce costs. 

Cloud PBX - Business Phone System

Enterprise Phone system made for businesses of all sizes.  Cloud hosted phone system with tons of features enables your business to operate anywhere while streamline communciations with employees and customers. 

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